Different Kinds Of Fire Extinguishers And Their Uses

24 Dec

A fire extinguisher is also commonly called a fire extinguisher or just as a extinguisher. It's a cylindrical pressure vessel that may be hand held. In the vessel there are agents that when discharged helps in extinguishing fire. The device is used in crisis situations and is very frequently found in schools, houses, petrol pumps, shopping malls etc..

There are five different kinds of fire extinguishers which are very commonly used now. They're water, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, dry powder, foam and chemical fire extinguishers. The most effective and efficient ones are halon, FE 36, expert powder extinguishers and also the clean agent extinguishers.

The water based fire fighting systems are the simplest and the least expensive ones. They are able to extinguish fire which is caused by the many ordinary and combustible materials. Additives may at times be added into the water so as to enhance the fire fighting capability. The foam fire extinguishers are a course higher than the water based ones. They take with them a B rating, which means that these extinguishes can easily put out fires caused by combustible fluids such as oil, petrol, paraffin etc.. The ABC dry powder operates on both combustible solids and liquids. They are also effective on flammable gases. Carbon dioxide extinguishers are ideal to put out fires that involve electric machinery.

The advantage of working with this specific type of extinguishers is they are sterile and clean and doesn't leave behind any residue. They are also very useful in combating fire caused because of combustion of oil and gas. A wet chemical fire extinguisher is perfect to put out fires caused because of the combustion of cooking oils. Such extinguishers have the ability to cool the flammable fat and also to eliminate the risk of re-igniting. These extinguishers come with an F course rating.

To prevent accidents caused due to the breakout of fires individuals must be made aware about how to use these extinguishers. When a person buys a fire extinguisher, special demonstration classes are given for easy comprehension of the gadget. Someone should understand how to unlock an extinguisher and to spray on the fire extinguishing material like water at the bottom of the flame. In public buildings, flame extinguishers should be kept in appropriate places so individuals can easily reach them. Privately houses they are sometimes kept in the halls and in the exit areas.

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